Crystal Glow Eye Mask-Vitamasques

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An all-in-one cooling hydrogel eye mask to de-puff,
brighten and repair. Infused with anti-pollution and
anti-blue light protection.
Tired eyes can strike at any time leaving peepers
tender and at risk of developing fine lines, but they
can be treated effectively with the use of the Crystal
Glow Hydroglow Eye Mask. Infused with
Antioxidants, Multi Peptides and Multivitamins, this
ultra cooling treatment helps to soothe sore eyes,
eliminate puffiness and brighten the exterior eye
Anti-pollution protection is also included in this
mask to shield against environmental damage,
which is ideal if you live in a city or commute to a
city everyday. Along with anti-blue light protection
which protects against eye damage and light
sensitive cells in the retina. A must-have daily
defence if you regularly look at a smartphone or any
blue light device.
Soothes and brightens the eye area
Provides anti-pollution protection
Protects against blue light exposure